Valentine’s Day is coming up and we’re giving away one free copy of The Soul’s Twins: Emancipate Your Feminine and Masculine Archetypes to one lucky reader.

Author of Healing the Sacred Divide, Dream Theatres of the Soul and The Bridge to Wholeness: A Feminine Alternative to the Hero Myth, Jean Benedict Raffa offers a self-guided journey to spiritual maturity in her latest book, The Soul’s Twins. Released by Red Feather Mind Body Spirit, an imprint of Schiffer Books, in November 2020, Raffa’s new book draws on Jungian psychology and wisdom traditions from world religions.

Jean Benedict Raffa offers a new theory of heightened consciousness and compassion. This book offers an overview of archetypes which embody five basic instincts: nurturance, activity, reflection, sex, and creativity. The drive for self-preservation is associated with solar energy expressed through masculine archetypes and the drive for species-preservation is associated with lunar energy and feminine archetypes.

Readers are invited to take a self-assessment, the Partnership Profile, to better understand themselves, the imbalances and challenges they face, and opportunities for exploring specific archetypes in their own lives. There are two parts to questionnaire called the Partnership Profile. In Part I you answer questions about eight archetypes: four lunar and four solar. These represent differing ways your soul’s twins work together to satisfy your instinctual needs. Part II assesses your life satisfaction. Your score on this self-administered questionnaire will help you understand how the archetypes which make up your lunar and solar energies influence your personality, way of living, happiness, and sense of fulfillment.

Each chapter addresses an archetype: four feminine (lunar) and four masculine (solar) archetypes. The archetypes are presented in light and shadow forms, with both mythic and historical examples. Mother and Father paired become the Sovereign. Amazon and Warrior become the Revolutionary. Mediatrix and Sage become the Hierophant. And Beloved and Lover become Healer. When opposites overlap and diversity and dialogue occurs, a unified consciousness can occur through self-discovery and self-awareness. This is symbolized by a ninth archetype, the Couple, based on unity and creativity in a new God-image of partnership and balance. Raffa shows you how to activate the Couple by integrating the full potential of your soul’s twins. Your interaction with the mystery of your unconscious is a third force which can heal your conflicts, reconcile differences, create more loving relationships, and help you grow into psychological and spiritual maturity. This book serves as a reference guide and spiritual road map to becoming your whole authentic Self.

The Soul’s Twins is a reference book the reader will return to year after year and a seminal work advancing Jungian psychology and an understanding of spiritual development across the lifespan. Whether you are a seeker of deeper inner wisdom and read for your own personal enlightenment, or a professional who provides therapy, coaching, ministry, advice, healing, and/or guidance to others, The Soul’s Twins is accessible to readers. It is informed by psychological theory and grounded in an inclusive interfaith approach to spiritual fulfillment.

One copy of The Soul’s Twins will be given away. To be entered in the drawing, leave a comment on the blog before February 14, Valentine’s Day.

3 thoughts on “The Soul’s Twins: A Book Giveaway

  1. I love this. We enter the womb as neither feminine nor masculine, but as human. And then the cells begin to divide and we swim backwards the rest of our lives, to become total human again.
    Thank you for writing this book.

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