In the modern publishing world, there are many new challenges authors face in promoting their books, but there are also many new avenues to aid in digital marketing of forthcoming releases.

NetGalley provides a resource for authors and publishers to accumulate quality reviews from relevant readers, an essential pre-publishing marketing step. Strong early praise from a notable reviewer can draw in significantly more readers once a title is released. Rather than sending galleys the traditional way (an advance review copy right to a reviewer’s doorstep) NetGalley offers promotion through digital galleys, which eradicates the costs of printing and shipping.

When a publisher or author establishes an account with NetGalley, the titles they post become available to NetGalley’s network of what they call “professional readers,” or book reviewers, journalists, bloggers, librarians, and others in the book world who can access and review these titles for free. Since many of the reviewers are already involved in book promotion, a glowing review could also lead to further collaboration and marketing opportunities down the road.

When professional readers look for titles to review, they can search by publisher or by title or browse by genre. When they find a title of interest and submit a request for a digital galley, the corresponding owner can decide if there is a good fit based on the reader’s member profile. Authors or publishers must approve all galley requests before readers can receive them. And beyond NetGalley’s expansive network, they can also send requests for review to contacts within their own network.

Once a request is approved, the reviewer receives a file that can be downloaded on a computer or a compatible tablet. But don’t worry about your not-yet-printed work getting out there for everyone to see; NetGalley protects your content so members cannot share, copy or distribute it elsewhere.

Publishers pay a starting fee plus a monthly cost depending on their number of titles. Authors can also choose to list their books either directly through NetGalley or through a program with the Independent Book Publishers Association. NetGalley proves its value when a publisher or author wishes to send out a high volume of galleys without the associated print cost.

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Members can also take advantage of NetGalley’s additional marketing programs, such as being placed in the “Featured” category and on the homepage or being featured in an email newsletter sent to individuals associated with American Booksellers Association member stores.

If you’re on the path to publication, consider your options in the emerging digital marketplace. NetGalley and various other programs including INscribe Digital, which focuses on retail marketing and distribution of ebooks, are available to help in the challenging but rewarding process of promoting your book. Or, if you’re knowledgeable and passionate about good books, become a NetGalley reviewer for free!

Look on NetGalley for Larson Publications and Elaine Mansfield‘s forthcoming memoir, Leaning into Love: A Spiritual Journey Through Grief.

6 thoughts on “NetGalley Provides a New Kind of Book Review

  1. Ava, thanks for this post about NetGalley! We’re grateful to work with so many publishers and authors, connecting them with reviewers, but also librarians, booksellers, educators and media.

    –Susan Ruszala
    President, NetGalley

    • Thanks Susan for stopping by our blog. It’s easy to set up a free account with NetGalley if you are a blogger, journalist, librarian, or bookseller. I’ve enjoyed a subscription for several years. NetGalley puts advanced review copies in the hands of those who are interested most.

  2. A local indie book seller recommended NetGalley as a way for indie/self-pubbed authors to reach readers/book sellers in a unique and reputable way. Thanks for this post!

    • Thanks Kim for your comment. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow at Caribou Coffee in Warroad. And to reading “Elevator Girl” which I found on sale at Doug’s and The Trading Post where clerks had read it and recommended it. Warroad is redefining bookseller.

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