There is more than one path to publishing today. Whether your plan is to seek a traditional publisher or self-publish, you need a book proposal. Consider it a business feasibility plan. Before you invest your time and intellectual energy to a book project, first determine whether there is market demand for your new product. Figuring out how you will harness that market demand and fulfill reader needs and expectations are fundamental steps to take before writing your manuscript.

Writing a book is an expensive endeavour if you intend your book to be bought and read in print. For those planning to self-publish, you’ll need a budget between $3,000 – $18,000 for professional services. While you will find packages for less than $500 to self-publish, the expenses of editing, page layout, cover design, plus services to market, distribute, promote and publicize your book quickly add up. Keep in mind these companies make a profit from authors, not from selling books. If you plan to pursue traditional publication, you should know commercial publishers expect authors to assume responsibility for more costs: editing, indexing, copyright permission fees, photography, marketing, website development, publicity and promotions. You will likely spend $10,000 before signing a contract in business-related expenses related to your role and responsibilities as an author.

In non-fiction, publishers have moved away from an advance on copyright royalties. They want an author to be invested in their book’s success and publishers expect authors to take the lead in sales. Authors who understand this is a business may become disheartened when they realize the bottom line for their writing efforts are likely to be neglible or negative. Understanding the expenses and time involved will help you build a budget and time schedule for your book project. It will also hone your motivations for pursuing publication.

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Preparing a book proposal is a road map for your path to publishing. Because Swenson Book Development LLC provides custom professional author services, we have developed a very inexpensive way for authors of non-fiction and memoir to start on the road with planning their route. Comparable books are $19.99 to $99.00.

Authors who contract for professional services with Swenson Book Development LLC repeatedly tell me how valuable they find the proprietary materials – tutorials, workbooks, checklists, exercises – I provide to assist them with their publishing endeavors. Clients sign a contract which stipulates they cannot copy or distribute these materials to friends or writing colleagues as it is intended solely for their benefit.

Increasing interest and demand from potential clients for guidance in preparing a book proposal now exceeds our capacity to offer custom one-to-one services. Many of you already know how helpful these materials can be, especially when an author begins the journey toward publication. Making some of these writer resources available as affordable paid downloads will allow Swenson Book Development LLC to continue to provide customized services for its clients and address additional authors’ needs for professional guidance, quality instruction, and reliable information.

We’re pleased to introduce our first product for purchase at $3.99. We hope you have already downloaded our first two free guidebooks and a metric tracker in our previous newsletters. If not, download all four today.

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