We begin the season of soaking up the sun and relaxing with a good book. Here at Swenson Book Development, LLC, I am not the only one who is reading books worth sharing with other readers. Over the coming weeks look here for guest bloggers who will review what they’re reading.

There are a half dozen books I find myself reading simultaneously. I look forward to writing about Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock, and as I read I wonder why it was never adapted for film.

This summer we plan to celebrate good reading. We’ll be posting guest blogs by Bethany Dixon and Angel Lawrence this week. Bethany has just joined the team at Swenson Book Development, LLC and she’s the face behind the Facebook Page. Angel baked me a load of Amish friendship bread and then read in one sitting a new novel titled, Friendship Bread. Her review will make you want to read the book and try this recipe that bakes up better friendships.

Perhaps you have a good book you want to share for others’ reading pleasure. Leave us a comment if you’d like to be a guest blogger.

Summer posts will include information about new tools, technologies, strategies and services for authors seeking publication of their books.

For the love of books…..

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