Swenson Book Development, LLC works to match an author’s project with an agent or publisher. Our success in doing so makes many people wonder how we do it. Drawing back the curtain on the Wizards of Bookery, we reveal one of the methods employed in our toolkit to serve our clients’ objectives.

Publisher’s Marketplace is the largest online network of publishing professionals. Our professional subscription allows us to search for both publishers and agents who are tailored to you and your book project. Publisher’s Marketplace provides the current contact information, names of editors, lists of current deals and forthcoming titles, and so much more. Penguin, Simon & Schuster, W.W. Norton, Basic Books, Random House, and Carol Mann Literary Agency listings helped us help our clients in the past month.

An author might purchase a subscription to this service, however, without a background in the publishing industry this tool may not be an easy one to use. Even if an author can find a suitable publisher using Publisher’s Marketplace, there is still a huge hurdle to jump. Many publishers today simply will not accept unsolicited manuscripts directly from an author.

As a client of Swenson Book Development LLC, your book will appear on our member page. This means that publishers and agents scouting Publisher’s Marketplace for new authors will be able to find you through us, and to contact us directly if they are interested. A Publisher’s Marketplace membership also makes it possible for us to track clients’ books by following your titles’ rankings at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, which are cross-checked automatically against 12 bestseller lists. Last but not least, we also receive a weekly newsletter with the most important “deals” made in the publishing world – thus keeping on top of industry trends, and helping us to keep our clients, better informed.

If you’re lost in the morass of the publishing industry, consider letting Swenson Book Development LLC be your guide and your advocate. Publisher’s Marketplace is just an example of one of the many ways in which we are equipped to help your book take flight.

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