One month ago, Chelsea Hanson launched her new book The Sudden Loss Survival Guide: Seven Essential Practices for Healing Grief. Even though the global pandemic made it more challenging to celebrate and promote the book without face-to-face author events, the book is doing exceptionally well. There is a reason for that. It resonates with readers and with the circumstances we find ourselves in these days.

Through Hanson’s grief healing practices, this book delivers the essential answers and tools needed to survive, cope, and heal from the devastating impact of sudden loss. While you cannot control losing a loved one, you can consciously guide your own recovery and overcome the darkness and anxiety of grief.

“A reliable road map…” Mary Tousley, author of Finding Your Way through Grief

“Exactly what you need….” Allen Klein, author of Embracing Life after Loss

“Solace and hope…” Jan Warner, author of Grief Day by Day

Today, you can register to win a free copy of Chelsea Hanson’s new book. Be the seventh person to leave a comment on this blog post and I will send you the book.

If you’ve read The Sudden Loss Survival Guide, please leave a review on Goodreads and Amazon and helping this book find the readers who need it most is greatly appreciated. It’s brings me great joy to know how much this book can help alleviate the suffering of sudden loss.

This September it will be eleven years since the love of my life, Sam Warren, died. That sudden loss threw me to the ground and there was no guidebook. I went to the library. I asked my therapist. I talked to others who had also experienced a sudden loss in a support group. I found nothing like Chelsea Hanson’s common sense approach written for someone numbed or crushed by the unexpectedness of a sudden loss.

The Sudden Loss Survival Guide might be the perfect book for you. If so, I am sorry for your loss. But if not, it’s still the perfect book to read if you know someone who is grieving. And it makes a perfect gift from a friend who can offer compassion, condolences, and the time to listen.

To enter to win the one free copy of Chelsea Hanson’s book, please leave your name and, if so inclined, the name of a person who you grieve in a comment to be posted here on this blog. The seventh person to do so will receive a complimentary copy in the mail.

20 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: The Sudden Loss Survival Guide by Chelsea Hanson

  1. I would love to have a copy of the book for a friend of mine, who recently lost her military son to suicide. She is not only trying to cope with the loss of her son, but also the myriad obstacles and challenges of military bureaucracy.

    • I would love her book. I can’t purchase it at this time but i an a follower of Chelsea.

      I lost my mom in 2016 and 11 months later my only child, Christina. The grief at times is so very powerful. I literally stop breathing … i notice only when i gasp for air.

      • Isabel, I’m sad to read of your sudden losses. Grief packs a wallop! I’m glad you follow Chelsea as her words offer solace and comfort. While you didn’t win the free copy, perhaps you can request your public library order it. Then you and others will be able to access it without a cost. We love libraries!

  2. Losing a loved one is hard enough when you know it is coming, like with chronic illness. But to be caught by surprise, and not have the time to prepare, must be so difficult to overcome.

  3. I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in the US military. Unfortunately, I have had several patients who have lost spouses, and parents to COVID, car accidents, and other incidents of sudden death. I would use your book as a tool for the patients to navigate their path of bereavement.
    Thanks so much for writing a book about this type of loss.
    Respectfully Mel

    • Thank you for your work as a psychiatric nurse practitioner in the US military. You do important yet difficult work. While you didn’t win the free copy today, I do hope you find Chelsea Hanson’s book a useful tool in your work with bereavement.

  4. I have been following Chelsea Hanson on Twitter for several years and I was pleased to find the connection between her and Swenson Book Development. My own loss, that of my daughter Marika Warden, was not a sudden loss. But I helped start a local chapter of The Compassionate Friends and spend time with parents who have lost children in countless ways. Chelsea’s book would be a great addition to our library.

    • I’m sorry for the loss of Marika, your daughter. How wonderful that you started a local chapter of The Compassionate Friends. I’m certain Chelsea’s book would be a great addition to the collection of books you offer parents. Best wishes, Jill.

  5. I truly will love to have this book for my clients, I’m a grief Counselor within a Funeral Home and with in my Church,

    Thank you
    Patricia Cobb Smith

    • I’m certain Chelsea Hanson’s book would be a great addition to your toolkit in your bereavement. Unfortunately, the winner of this free giveaway has been selected already.

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