Larry Scheckel’s new book, I Just Keep Wondering: 121 Questions and Answers About Science and Stuff, was released by Tumblehome Learning earlier this month.  This is the third in his I Always Wondered Series. Tumblehome Learning is a leading publisher of science books for children. Their books inspire readers to learn more about nature and the world around them. They help kids imagine themselves as young scientists or engineers and encourage them to experience science through adventure and self-guided discovery.

In this volume, Scheckel answers questions you’ve probably pondered. Why can’t you tickle yourself? Why do water droplets dance on a hot pan?  Where does the light go when you turn off the switch?

This sequel to I Always Wondered About That and I Wondered About That Too will educate and entertain readers ages 12 and up.

“Assorted revelations for enquirers who prefer their science straight up but not without occasional (semi-) comical relief.” —Kirkus Reviews

Larry Scheckel grew up on a family farm in the hill country of southwestern Wisconsin, one of nine children. He attended eight years of a one-room country school. After serving in the military and working as an engineer, he taught high school physics and aeronautics for 38 years. Now retired from teaching, Larry enjoys bicycling, flying real and radio-controlled airplanes, and solving crossword puzzles. Larry and his wife, Ann, live in Tomah, Wisconsin, and love to travel.



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