Chelsea Hanson has signed a contract for publication of Sudden Loss Survival Guide: Seven Essential Practices to Heal Grief with Mango Publications.

When a loved one dies suddenly, the person left behind doesn’t know where to turn for help, what to do next, or how to put back the pieces of life. Most survivors have no experience with unexpected heartbreak and are not prepared for the sorrow and significant life challenges they will face.

The Sudden Loss Survival Guide provides an indispensable road map to guide those who’ve experienced a life-changing loss. The book’s in-depth, transformative process—the Seven Grief Healing Practices—delivers the essential answers and tools needed to survive, cope, and heal from the devastating impact of sudden loss. The book’s heart-lifting prompts and action steps guide the reader to reengage in life and discover deeper meaning.

Chelsea Hanson is a nationally recognized grief educator and founder of With Sympathy Gifts and Keepsakes, which is an online memorial gift store and grief support center. Hanson found her true purpose in grief support and legacy work and graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison as a grief support specialist with certifications in holistic life coaching and life legacy preservation. By connecting her 20 years of business expertise with her true calling, she is an entrepreneur who specializes in grief products and programs to help others transform personal setbacks into opportunities to live a meaningful life. Chelsea transcended unexpected loss over time, losing both her father and mother at a young age. She now lives and works in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with her husband and son.

Mango is an independent publisher based in Miami, Florida, now in its fifth year and one of the fastest-growing publishers in the country. Chelsea Hanson’s new book will be released Spring 2020.

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