If you’re an aspiring author, pursuing a career in the world of words, or just writing an email to your boss later today, chances are your work will need some editing. New to the world of books, I quickly learned the best sentences can become even better by using some great free tools at your disposal. No, I’m not talking about the pamphlets we received in grade school. I’m talking about how anyone can be their own editor, and it’s only a few clicks away.

As a recent college graduate, I knew how important grammar was for making any piece of writing clear and concise without dulling one’s own personal writing style. When I began serving as an intern with Swenson Book Development, I was further enlightened to how poor grammar may affect my impressions upon my colleagues and potential employers. On a personal level, I’ve completed several rounds of manuscript edits for my own novels, and utilizing free editing sites to check my grammar has never been easier.

Open up a web browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet and you can find great reference sites which make DIY editing easy. Here are some free online tools which will help to relieve the hassle of grammar in your daily lives:


  • Upload your documents on Grammarly’s free website and they will help check over 250 grammar rules you may have missed. Download it to your computer and it will notify you instantly about an error as you’re typing.


Khan Academy

  • Take some refresher courses on grammar rules and usage through Kahn Academy’s free interactive online platform.



  • With daily updates on everything from difficult word usage to popular phrases and their meanings, Grammarist.com provides extensive references to help improve your editing ability.


Grammar Girl

  • Trendy tips about word usage and clever tricks to turn the simplest phrase into must-read material. Grammar Girl is a great reference for anyone looking to add style into their writing.


OWL Purdue

  • The Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) assists you in your development as a writer—no matter what your skill level. Best resources for citations and references.

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    • Thank you for checking out these DIY Editing Tools! I found the OWL’s Workplace Writers especially helpful when searching for full-time employment.

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