How can you spend your time wisely with social media?

time-is-tickingBased on current research,  best practices for frequency of social media posts:

Twitter – 3 times a day, or more.

Facebook – 2 times per day, at most.

LinkedIn – 1 time per business day.

If you’re on Pinterest – 5 pins per day.

Blog at least once a month, no more than once a week.

If you have a Twitter account and don’t use it every day, you will have a hard time growing your audience platform there. If you are on Facebook every day, all day long, you ARE wasting time.  If you’re on Pinterest, I can guarantee it.

The most important investment of your time and energy is on writing high quality content for your blog. Social media platforms serve the purpose of directing internet traffic to your website. Your content pulls readers to your blog there.


internet-and-multimedia-sharingHow can you maximize the return on your investment of time online as an author?

Invest most of your time into writing high quality blog posts that will pull your readers to your work. Quit wasting time pushing self-promotional messages. Instead of writing two 500-word essays each week, post 1,500-2,000 words once a month.


What can you do to increase your audience platform?

audienceWrite original content or share compelling information which pulls new people to you.

Make one new connection every business day on LinkedIn.

Add two new Friends every week on Facebook.

Follow five new people every day on Twitter.

For every self-promotional status update, post four that are not about you.

Engage in conversations, leave comments, and keep the social in social media.


4 thoughts on “Tips for Building Your Audience Platform

    • Great question, Ann Marie Ackermann. Retweets do not count toward the three or more tweets each day. To increase engagement and followers on Twitter, I recommend a mix of tweets, retweets, replies, and favorites.

  1. Thanks. I guess I should pay some attention to Linked-In. It’s one of those I keep forgetting I have. Twitter is definitely my priority these days so it was neat to see your suggestions. Cheers!

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