Ava Russel is the Summer Intern for Swenson Book Development, LLC

Ava Russell begins her summer internship with Swenson Book Development LLC, on Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend. She is an English literature major at SUNY Geneseo. Last summer she interned as an editorial assistant for Fresh Dirt Ithaca magazine. Copyeditor for her college newspaper, The Lamron, Ava Russell also tutors fellow Geneseo students in writing. Spring semester in London gave her a permanent travel bug, an endless craving for jacket potatoes, and a slightly better understanding of British satire. It has also deepened her appreciation for the calm and clean water of her hometown in Upstate New York. Fascinated with books before she could walk, Ava is particularly drawn to stories that provoke questions and debate. She has a strong interest in the visual arts and loves when books, like abstract paintings, leave her perplexed and contemplative.

Look for Ava’s contributions to the next issue of our e-newsletter.With her love of books, and career objectives in publishing, Ava Russell joins the team of Swenson Book Development LLC for the summer working with authors and on new products and services to assist writers.

Plans are in the works for Swenson Book Development LLC to offer additional author guides and workbooks, seminars, webinars and podcasts in the coming months.

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