This week I’ve read a number of excellent articles and blogs on the subject of publishing. But, as I am continually playing catch up with my e-mail inbox, I must warn that not all of these links are current (i.e. within the past week).

Hashtags – How to Use Them without Abusing Them” – Writerland’s Meghan Ward offers a solid list of writerly hashtags, with suggestions on how to use them as you tweet.

Somewhere a Dog Barked” – Thanks to the ShelfTalker over at PW, I read this excellent article from Slate published back in June 2010. What every writer does. Does your MS have a dog barking? Better double-check.

The Lure of a Good Book: Who’s Reading What” – Mashable reposts a handy infographic on reading tastes. Does anything surprise you here? I’m surprised women are more likely to finish a book than men.

The Right Fit” – The Millions on finding a literary agent and the statistics of query success.

How do Authors Benefit from Agents?” – Rachelle Gardner sounds off on how authors collectively benefit from the existence of agents.

I highly encourage writers who value any of these links – for any reason whatsoever! – to comment on the articles and blogs and support their fellow writers/journalists. I’m of the mind that quality writing deserves acknowledgement and praise. Feedback is one of the best metrics for improving writing, whether from a writer’s group, developmental editor, friend, partner, or neighborhood bookseller.

I also believe, like Kristen Lamb of myWANA fame, that writers need community to succeed. We cannot do it alone. You probably don’t need an army of fans like George R.R. Martin has to press you to keep writing (though he has not heeded any of their pleas, it seems) but you do need at least one writerly friend to encourage and advise, whether it’s your editor, neighbor, writing partner, wife/husband, local bookseller, or parent. It helps to be held accountable and have someone to turn to when you panic, feel stuck, or are unhappy with the progress of your WIP.

What do you think? Which links did you enjoy (and comment on)? What articles and blogs have I missed? Share them below!

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