10/17/2012 UPDATE: In Publisher’s Marketplace I just discovered Michael Signorelli is the acquisitions editors for Harper Collins new imprint Inifinitum Nihil and their publication of folk singer Woody Guthrie’s 1947 Dust Bowl novel. I remember 20 years ago when Michael used to cut my lawn. That’s right. The boy next door on W. Enfield Center Road at the edge of the Tompkins County line. Now acquiring manuscripts for Johnny Depp.


My heart jumped this morning when I read the news Johnny Depp is teaming up with Harper Collins to launch a new imprint with the same name as Depp’s production company. The folks who brought us the cinematic version of Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary.   Yes, that Johnny Depp.

Perhaps wearing my black t-shirt with Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter image yesterday while I slipped down the rabbit hole of editing created this dream come true. Maybe not.

Earlier in July, Depp announced he and Douglas Brinkely would co-edit Woody Guthrie’s unpublished novel, “House of Earth,” scheduled for a 2013 publication date. Seemed odd to announce a forthcoming publication without a publisher. Now it all makes sense.

Today Johnny Depp and Harper Collins announced Guthrie’s dust bowl novel will be released in January 2013. Their second book in the new imprint is by Douglas Brinkley based on interviews with Bob Dylan about Bob Dylan. The Unraveled Travels of Bob Dylan is scheduled for 2015 release.

As editor of a new imprint, Depp seeks authentic, outspoken and visionary ideas and voices. Out of the rabbit hole and into wonderland, Alice.

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