Content: Creative and OriginalCreative and original editorial content is necessary, but not sufficient to meet publishing standards. We offer a variety of editorial services.

Want guidance and critical feedback on your writing? Seeking a professional assessment of your manuscript? Need a second look at your writing sample before submitting a book proposal? Looking for a writing coach? Want help formatting text documents? Don’t know how to seek copyright permissions or prepare citations according to a Manual of Style?

We read for the flow of ideas and arrangement of editorial content. Margin comments are written for the author to address. We move sections around, and identify content that is misplaced, missing, or extraneous.

Issues of narrative arc, organization, point of view, voice, development of characters or arguments, and other substantive editorial matters are the heart of a developmental editor’s work. We help you put together a clear and coherent line of analysis or work with you to create a narrative arc that satisfies the reader.

We read your document and look for errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, style, and usage. Sentence structure, unnecessary words, and pagination are part of our copy editing process.

We also read your document for code. The technical specification required for digital manuscript submissions today often means an author requires editorial assistance of a technical nature.

Your editor is a sounding board while you flesh out your book ideas. We work with an author from the seed of the idea until the book is published and beyond.


Audience Platform Book Proposal Literary Management

Identify your readers, pull them to your writing, and convert them into your book buying customers.


Prepare a business plan, budget and timeline. Your prospectus will include your bio, synopsis, table of contents, comparative title analysis and marketing strategy.


With a strong audience platform, a winning book proposal, and quality content you're ready to pitch your book project. Do you seek literary representation to help you find the right agent or publisher?