Your book proposal consists of an author profile, synopsis of your book, a table of contents with chapter summaries or an overview, an analysis of competitive titles, a marketing strategy and a writing sample. We can help you prepare these documents for a winning prospectus and prepare with a business plan, budget, and timeline for your book.

Whether you have a finished manuscript or just an idea, begin the path toward publication with a plan. We can help you craft a profile to establish your author brand, write a synopsis to hooks a reader, edit your Table of Contents, analyze the competitive titles in the marketplace, develop a marketing strategy, and polish your writing sample.

If you are just beginning to work on your book proposal, you may find it useful to start by answering these questions.

Audience Platform Content Literary Management

Identify your readers, pull them to your writing, and convert them into your book buying customers.


Creative and original editorial content is necessary, but not sufficient to meet publishing standards. Do you need professional editorial services for your manuscript?


With a strong audience platform, a winning book proposal, and quality content you're ready to pitch your book project. Do you seek literary representation to help you find the right agent or publisher?