Build an Audience Platform

Audience Platform: Identify your readers, pull them to your writing, and convert them into your book buying customers.

By identifying your potential audience, we can help you investigate the best means to reach your readers. We can help you target your marketing efforts more efficiently and effectively.


Turn your potential audience into book buying customers. Build your platform prior to publication. Put together your publicity and market plan now.


Swenson Book Development LLC develops and executes traditional and social media marketing strategies and campaigns. We can assist you with press releases, interviews, speaking engagements, book signings, and out-of-the-box opportunities for engagement with readers.  If you need a website, Swenson Book Development LLC offers custom packages for hosting, design and development, and tech support.


Book ProposalContentLiterary Management

Prepare a business plan, budget and timeline. Your prospectus will include your bio, synopsis, table of contents, comparative title analysis and marketing strategy. Do you need to write a book proposal?


Creative and original editorial content is necessary, but not sufficient to meet publishing standards. Do you need professional editorial services for your manuscript?


With a strong audience platform, a winning book proposal, and quality content you're ready to pitch your book project. Do you seek literary representation to help you find the right agent or publisher?