Under Old Stars: Wanderings in Italian Hill Towns

Rob Lloyd and Mauro Marinelli
Kehrer Verlag, October 2016

Through black and white images and prose sketches, this book takes readers on a journey to discover a world largely lost today, among people deeply at home with their old ways, in remote hill towns in south-central Italy. Mauro Marinelli’s stark, yet lyrical, photographs reveal the beauty and wonder in small things—a foot on the stair, sunlight on a wall, the flower pot atop a confessional. Rob Lloyd’s sensual and meditative prose sketches include historical reveries, street scenes, snippets of overheard conversations, and private moments, real and imagined.


About the author and photographer

Mauro Marinelli is an artist, photographer, contractor, great cook, farmer, one-time novitiate, and former photojournalist. Born and raised in White Plains, New York, to Italian immigrant parents, he earned a BFA in Photography and English from Manhattanville College. His work is inspired by the work of his teachers, Ralph Gibson, Eva Rubenstein, and Sean Kernan. He is the author of two books: The Burden of Wings (Kehrer) and Old Timers: The Italians (St. Martin’s), photographs of the last original Italian immigrants.

Rob Lloyd was born in New York City and grew up in the Finger Lakes district of upstate New York. He graduated from the Creative Writing Program at The University of New Hampshire. Rob Lloyd spent most of his career in Los Angeles writing and producing TV shows for network and syndication. Currently, he lives in Tennessee where he is an English professor.



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