I Always Wondered About That: 101 Questions and Answers about Science and Other Stuff

Larry Scheckel
Tumblehome Learning, December 2017

Entertaining and educational, this book applies science to phenomena that are part of our everyday lives with questions and answers that appeal both to science nerds and those who struggled through high school chemistry class. Hypothetical, irreverent, and quirky questions—the kind you think of when driving down the road, mowing the lawn, or contemplating a sunset—are answered here with both wit and wisdom. You’ll find entertaining answers to 101 questions you didn’t even know you had, such as, “Why does glue stick?” “Why do batteries die?” “What would happen if you put human DNA into another creature?” and “How do people record memories in their brains?” The wide-ranging questions and answers will make readers eager to learn more.


About the Author

Larry Scheckel is the author of Ask a Science Teacher (Experiment/Workman, 2013) and he taught physics and aerospace science to more than four thousand high school students in Tomah, Wisconsin during his 38 years in the classroom. Named Tomah Teacher of the Year three times, Scheckel received the Presidential Award from the State of Wisconsin for six years. He is the recipient of the Tandy Award, Kohl Award, Wisconsin Physics Teacher Award, Health Physics Society Award, Ron Gibbs Award, and Excellence in Science Teaching Award.

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